Mars Supermarkets Will be Missed More Than You Think

Mars    It seems like everyone throughout the Baltimore region had an opinion on the end of Mars Supermarkets, which announced they are selling five stores to Weis Supermarkets and closing the rest of the stores on July 31.

Some were not shocked at the news as many have complained that Mars' prices were too high and other were surprised that Mars did not close earlier after store founder Angelo N. D'Anna died in the mid 90's. But that is not the point.

Whether you loved shopping at Mars or never set foot in one of their stores, the community will miss their generous donations. When it came to the local parades and festivals, you could always count on Mars as a loyal sponsor. If you look at any church bulletin or the local newspapers, you would always find an paid ad from Mars.

When Patapsco Bank became Howard Bank last year, a local historian took me that Patapsco Bank and Mars were the only local companies in the area that would and could sponsor the local events.

Many of the small businesses in the area donate but do not have the cash to make a significant contribution, and some of the larger companies can not get approval from their corporate leadership out of state. Mars was locally owned and a reliable donor for community events. Lets hope their departure does not doom those events.