Klasumeier’s Literature Features a Photo with Hogan

I received a piece of literature from Sen. Kathy Klasumeier’s campaign in my door today. Sen. Klasumeier is my state senator in District 8 and she is in the battle of her political life against Republican challenger Del. Christian Miele.

The literature was positive and spoke of Klasumeier’s accomplishments in Annapolis. She had a few photos on the piece, including one of herself and Gov. Larry Hogan at what appeared to be a bill signing.

Now she did not claim that the Governor endorsed her and she did not endorse the Governor. The photo of Klasumeier and Hogan stated that she worked with him on many pieces of legislation, including bills to fight the opioid crisis.

The piece wanted to show that a Democratic senator can work across the aisle with a Republican Governor.

I am not criticizing Klasumeier for being misleading at all. Instead I find it interesting to watch this balancing act that many Democrats are going to have to take over the next few months.

These Democrats in moderate Districts can not come out and endorse Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous and they sure can’t bash Gov. Larry Hogan. On the other hand, Democrats can not praise the Governor too much because the Governor has endorsed many of their Republican opponents such as Christian Miele. It’s a tough balancing act for Democrats.

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