MD GOP Claims Redmer is Leading in Their Poll

MD GOP chairman Dirk Haire joined Red Maryland Podcast on Monday to share GOP internal poll numbers for some of the key state Senate races. I will have more on those senate races on Wednesday, but he did release some GOP data on the County Executive Race between Democrat John Olszewski and GOP challenger Al Redmer.

According to Haire, who did not release specific numbers, Redmer is leading Olszewski by high single digits. I’m assuming Redmer is up in the GOP poll around 8 to 9 points. Haire added that the GOP poll has been taken within the last week.

When the Democrats released their poll showing Olszewski up by 19 over Republican Redmer, I took it with a huge grain of salt considering the poll is over a month old.

So I won’t be a hypocrite and claim these GOP numbers are 100 percent accurate but I did find it interesting that the GOP has a different result in this race than the Democratic poll.

Again, can we get an independent poll from a non-partisan group on this County Executive Race or we just might have to wait until Nov. 7

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