Bevins’ Ex Aide Will Not Endorse Her

Dennis Teegardin, a former aide for Cathy Bevins, shared a post on why he won’t endorse his former boss.
A week away from the Election is always silly season. This is the time of year when candidates are being “official” endorsed by their spouses and are being denounced by their arch enemy in high school just to make headlines.

There was one strong lack of endorsement that was being displayed all over social media.

Dennis Teegardin works for Delegate Eric Luedtke and he gave out his local endorsements. As a Democrat it was not surprising to see Teegradin endorse fellow Democrats such as Johnny Olszewski Jr. for Baltimore County Executive, Senators Jim Mathias, Kathy Klausmeier & Bobby Zirkin, Delegates Eric Bromwell, Eric Ebersole, Steve Lafferty and others.

But there was one Democrat that Teegardin refused to endorse– Councilwoman Cathy Bevins. Teegardin did not officially endorse her GOP opponent Ryan Nawrocki, but specially said he was not supporting Bevins.

“As her former senior legislative aide, I cannot endorse her. Her treatment towards her staff and her own constituents is appalling and abusive,” Teegardin said on social media “Her mob-like mentality of demanding loyalty from her constituents has no place in public service. The residents of District 6 can do better and certainly deserve better.”

According to Teegardin’s LinkedIn page, he worked for Bevins from August 2015 to June 2016. Of course, it did not take long for Nawrocki supporters to share Teegardin’s post, including Patrick O’Keefe, Executive Director at Maryland Republican Party.

“When someone’s own aide who’s a dedicated liberal won’t vote for their former boss, that says a lot,” he said. O’Keefe added that he had some bad experiences dealing with Bevin’s office when he was an aide for Delegate Christian Miele.

In fairness, I had about two or three times when I called Bevin’s office for a constituent concern and her staff was very quick in their response, but I have not dealt with her office on a regular basis.

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  1. Yeah, got a weird phone text from bevins trying to get me to support her, still have a bit of a list ( incomplete ) she didn’t help us with

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