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Republicans Criticize Kamenetz For Not Seeking Reimbursement

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz created a lot of discussion when he announced that Baltimore County would not “seek $257,000 in reimbursement from Baltimore City for the County’s police and fire assistance during the unrest that took place in the City this past April and May.”

That announcement was criticized by many Baltimore County residents, but it was also questioned by two Republican members of the Baltimore County Council who said that the council was not consulted on this decision.

“I am surprised and troubled by the county executive's decision to forgive $257,000 in reimbursement for our police and fire help during the city riots. Surprised because the Council was not consulted,” GOP Councilman Todd Crandell wrote on his Facebook page on Dec. 31.

“Troubled because we have vacant police positions and fire companies in need. If the county executive doesn't have a use for a quarter million dollars, I could find some use for it here in the 7th district.”

Fellow Republican Councilman David Marks wrote a similar statement on his council Facebook page on Jan. 2.
“Many of my constituents have asked whether the County Council was consulted about the Executive's decision to decline $257,000 in reimbursement for assistance during the Baltimore riots,”
Marks wrote.

“The Council was not informed until the announcement was made. While the county should be a good neighbor, we have our own pressing public safety needs and I believe reimbursement was appropriate.”

I thought it was interesting that the county used the word “civil unrest” in its release and both Republican councilmen used the word “riots” in their social media statements.

On his radio show Saturday night, Del. Pat McDonough said he believes the move of not seeking reimbursement was political as there is speculation that Kamenetz could run for Maryland Governor in 2018 and he wants to impress Baltimore City voters.