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County Waives Reimbursement from City for Assistance During Unrest 

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz informed Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- Blake that Baltimore County will not seek $257,000 in reimbursement from Baltimore City for the County’s police and fire assistance during the unrest that took place in the City this past April and May.

The City earlier announced that it had been denied federal funds to help defray the costs of the unrest, and that the funds would have to come from its Rainy Day fund.

“Baltimore County is a partner with Baltimore City in every way,” said Kamenetz. “This past spring, I directed Police Chief Jim Johnson and Fire Chief John Hohman to provide whatever assistance was necessary to help the City deal with a very difficult situation. The residents of Baltimore County recognize that a strong Baltimore City is key to regional strength and stability, and for that reason, the County will not seek reimbursement.”

“From the time of the unrest, County Executive Kamenetz has demonstrated his commitment to our regional partnership, from encouraging county residents to spend their Mother’s Day at city restaurants to this fall’s promotion of the value of city arts experiences to the region,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “All of us in Baltimore City are appreciative of the support we received from Baltimore County police officers and firefighters during last spring’s unrest, and the support we continued to receive during this fall’s trial. The County Executive’s decision not to seek reimbursement for last spring’s costs is just another example of his commitment to a regional partnership and vision.”

In November, Kamenetz launched the Baltimore Arts—Just Down the Road campaign encouraging County citizens to support Baltimore City’s arts and cultural attractions. Back on May, he appeared in a Mother's Day video encouraging citizens of the County to return to the City after the spring unrest.

Kamenetz indicated that should County assistance be required in the future each event will have to be evaluated individually, and that this action does not set a precedent for future decisions.