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Delegate McDonough Celebrates Rain Tax Victory
Delegate Pat McDonough will celebrate the termination of the rain tax in Baltimore County with a victory party on Saturday, Nov. 14 at Carson’s Creekside Restaurant in Middle River. McDonough started his long journey against the rain tax more than 3½ years ago. When the law was passed, the Delegate would speak about it weekly on his radio show on WCBM, 680 AM. In the beginning, Mr. McDonough referred to the law as the “Storm Water Remediation Fee.” He discovered that many people viewed that title as complicated and uninspiring. Delegate McDonough then came up with the term “rain tax” which more clearly defined the problem or law.
The new name caught fire, and generated major opposition. The term was picked up nationally by the media who kept contacting  McDonough and asking him about Maryland’s rain tax.
In 2014,  McDonough introduced legislation to repeal the rain tax which was defeated in committee. Despite the set-back, the Delegate continued to speak out on radio and in the community. As part of his successful re-election campaign, McDonough had “Stop the Rain Tax” on all of his signs and hand-out material.
At the grassroots level, the Delegate rolled up his sleeves and visited many business owners to encourage them to contact their representatives about the tax.
In the 2015 Maryland General Assembly session,  McDonough co-sponsored another repeal bill along with Governor Hogan. The bill was amended and repealed. The State authority over the rain tax was removed, transferring the power to eliminate the tax to local government. In Harford County, which Delegate McDonough represents along with Baltimore County, the new Executive Barry Glassman terminated the rain tax during his first week in office. Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz remained a strong advocate for the tax.  McDonough talked with Council members and continued his campaign on radio and in the community to stop the rain tax. Finally, the Council became united on this issue with a unanimous vote to phase out the rain tax over a 2-year period. Mr. Kamenetz will be unable to veto or stop this decision. GOOD BYE RAIN TAX!
 McDonough stated, “Three cheers for the County Council! They did a great job. Now, tens of millions of tax dollars will no longer be grabbed by the government. In the future the people’s money will remain in their own pockets. This new-found stimulus will help lift the County’s economy and create badly needed jobs. This victory proves that you can fight city hall.”