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As a lawmaker who has dedicated the last 12 years to working on issues of national security, I have spent thousands of hours in classified briefings on threats both domestic and abroad. I have traveled to dozens of terrorism hotspots around the globe, meeting with foreign dignitaries and our intelligence workers on the front lines. No one more strongly believes that our first and most important responsibility is the protection of all Americans. We must always scrutinize any foreigner who wants to enter our country for any reason.
   Today, the highest level of security screening of any category traveler or immigrant belongs to refugees. Those screenings involve health checks, biometric tests to confirm identity and multiple layers of background checks along with in-person interviews by specially trained Department of Homeland Security officers....

Councilman David Marks- by  R -5 -
This summer, work started on air conditioning at Carney and Joppa View Elementary Schools.   The design phase is in 2015, with construction in 2016.  Other schools that serve northeastern Baltimore County will also receive air conditioning over the next two years.
Schoolchildren deserve as safe and comfortable an environment as we can provide them.  I am proud that in the Fifth District, despite budget limitations, we have greatly reduced the backlog of schools that need air conditioning.   In 2010, more than 20 schools needed air conditioning; today, we just need to get two programmed for funding.

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