Nawrocki Issues Statement on Bevins’ Vote on Responder Tax Credit

The Baltimore County Council voted to table Bill 56-18, which would provide police officers and other first responders with a tax credit. The vote went along party lines as Councilwoman Cathy Bevins and her Democratic colleagues voted to table the bill with a 4 to 3 vote.

Bevins’ November Republican opponent Ryan Nawrocki immediately released a statement attacking her decision.

“Why would our Councilwoman [Bevins]vote against a property tax credit for police officers and first responders? Violent crime was up 32 percent last year in our district and our Police, Firefighters and EMTs are working harder than ever.

“This vote is deeply troubling and shows a complete lack of support for our first responders.”

When council legislation is tabled, the bill is still alive and could be voted on again in the future. In most cases, changes need to be made for the bill to get an up or down vote.

I agree with Ryan Nawrocki that we need more police officers and that we need to incentive our first responders. After the incident at White Marsh Mall last weekend and the increased crime throughout our county, we need to hire more first responders. The tax credit can only help.

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